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9/11 First Responder Bill Passes, Nine Years Later

ACWORTH, GA -- At long last, the House has passed the bill that will help pay for the care of 9/11 first responders, many of who are now sick from inhaling what was left at Ground Zero.

For one responder who now lives in Metro Atlanta, the bill is nine years too late.

Michael Korsch keeps marble from the Twin Towers on his wall, and he keeps an American flag on his lawn. But all he needs to do to remember the September 11th attacks is sit down to eat.

That's because all he can eat is soup.

"This is probably the way I'm gonna eat for the rest of my life," Korsch said. "To me, a bowl of ice cream is a big deal."

A one-time detective in Brooklyn, Korsch arrived at the World Trade Center just as the second of the Twin Towers fell. He then spent the next three days in dust identifying bodies.

A year later, he was diagnosed with tongue cancer.

Cobb Teens Participate in WALK OFF for a Cause Fashion Show

Cobb Teens Participate in WALK OFF for a Cause Fashion Show

ATLANTA -- The five Metro Atlanta Avenue shopping centers hosted a high school fashion show benefiting the United Way on Thursday, Dec.

Tech Students Use Gaming Skills For Good Cause

ACWORTH, GA -- So you thought your kids were wasting their time playing video games. Four Georgia Tech students are using their gaming skills to raise money for a good cause.

Even if you are not familiar with Nintendo's Legend of Zelda games, you can probably imagine how long it would take to play seven games in a row. The four Georgia Tech students plan to finish them in 72 hours. It's a Zelda Marathon. "When I look at the screen it makes me cringe a little," said Ryan Adams, Biology major. Adams just finished playing three hours in a row.

They take turns playing and sleeping. "We sleep whenever we get a chance," said Joey Dolensky, who is majoring in Bio-Medical Engineering. "We play three hours here, four hours there."

At the end of three days they will have played and finished seven Zelda games. You can watch them because all 72 hours of gaming are being streamed on the internet.

'Shop with a [Cobb County High School Mascot]' Brings Good Cheer

'Shop with a [Cobb County High School Mascot]' Brings Good Cheer

COBB COUNTY, GA -- Several Cobb County high schools participated in shopping events for local children this holiday season.

Allatoona High School in Acworth held its annual "Shop with a Buccaneer" on Saturday, Dec. 11 at the Acworth Target.

Cherokee County Crime Rundown

Cherokee County Crime Rundown

Tuesday, Dec. 14: A joint investigation between the Cherokee Sheriff's Office and U.S. Secret Service resulted in the arrest of two individuals near Bells Ferry Road and Highway 92 in Acworth.

A local business owner contacted the Cherokee Sheriff's Office two weeks prior and reported that the two suspects approached him about laundering large quantities of counterfeit money. The suspects claimed they could provide up to $2 million in counterfeit money in exchange for real currency at a rate of 50 cents on the dollar.

Investigators arranged an undercover meeting between the business owner and the suspects to further discuss the transaction. While monitoring the conversation, investigators determined that the suspects were proposing a scam in which they trade white paper for real cash.

The scammers explained that, when treated with certain chemicals, the paper transformed into high quality counterfeit cash.

Grade School Students Broadcast Morning News

ACWORTH, GA -- School news has come a long way from the intercom annoucements many of us grew up with. 

Every morning while the other students are heading to homeroom, the news teams at Ford Elementary and Durham Middle School are proofing their scripts, reading the prompter, and getting the studios ready for the morning show at their schools.

"I have to be here before 7:30 a.m. because I have to type all the stuff, so I have to go right when I get to school after the bus," said Lauren Nixon, who is the script manager for the show at Ford Elementary School.

"When the bell rings for announcements, we just go on air," said Durham Middle student Jen Andrus.

They go on air and onto the screens of every classroom in their schools. From morning anchors, to camera operators, all the students play roles.

Ford Elementary has even added a weather girl to their news, complete with a sky view.

Woodstock Police Solve Entering Auto Cases

Woodstock Police Solve Entering Auto Cases

WOODSTOCK, GA -- Woodstock Police have solved a series of entering auto cases that occured on Saturday, Dec. 4 in the Deer Run subdivision, located off of Towne Lake Parkway.

As a result, 11 felony warrants have been issued for Matthew Thomas Murry, 17, of Acworth.

In the early morning hours of Dec. 4, a total of 11 vehicles were unlawfully entered in the Deer Run subdivision. Officers responded to the scene and were able to process five of the vehicles for possible fingerprints. Latent prints were successfully lifted from all five vehicles, four of which contained Murry's fingerprints.

A canvass of the subdivision revealed that Murry had no business being there, as he did not have any family or friends who lived in Deer Run.

All of the vehicles were unlocked when they were unlawfully entered.