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Surprise for soldier's wife, 5 kids | Community Spirit

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Surprise for soldier's wife, 5 kids
Surprise for soldier's wife, 5 kids

(WXIA) -- The Schwan's truck parked in front of the Kalafut house is a sign, but mom Mary is too busy to notice.

"She's just always been the go to person. Anytime you need something done and you can't get anybody else to do it, it's well Mary will do it," said Jane Swanson, a friend of Mary's.

Swanson has asked Atlanta Alive to do for Mary now -- managing five children on her own after her husband of 26 years, Chris, was deployed for the first time since their eldest was born 22 years ago.

Mary Kalafut thinks Jane is dropping by; what she doesn't know is that Jane has us with her. Mary is understandably shocked to see us -- and the shock grows.

She is given much-needed money to spend on her family -- $500 for Kroger, $500 for Schwan's and $50 for each child to spend at Walmart.

"This is amazing. Thank you so much," Mary said. "I feel very blessed from our community."

And then Mary is back to being a mom, fetching juice and feeding growing boys who miss their dad so much.

"It definitely hurts that he's gone," Mary said. "But we always say too, it's harder on our husband than it is on us. You just stay strong through that."

The kids call their dad "bossome" -- a mix of boss and awesome.

Mary's friends think she's bossome, too, holding down the fort solo until her partner comes home.