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Restaurant to support Ga. Transplant Foundation

Restaurant to support Ga. Transplant Foundation

ACWORTH, Ga. -- This weekend, Henry's Louisiana Grill will hold a fundraiser for the Georgia Transplant Foundation.

Chef Henry Chandler received a liver transplant five years ago. Every September, he hosts a celebration in honor of Georgians who need life-saving transplants.

"This is our fourth Liverversary Celebration and every year it gets more exciting," Chandler said in a statement. "Last year we raised our biggest donation to date -- $15,000 -- and we hope to top that this year."

The fun will be held Saturday, Sept. 21 from 7 p.m to 10 p.m. It will include an authentic Cajun dinner, music, dancing and a raffle for a mini iPad.

Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at chefhenrys.com.

Henry's Louisiana Grill is located at 4835 North Main Street in Acworth.

19 Cherokee schools make SHAPE Honor Roll

19 Cherokee schools make SHAPE Honor Roll

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Ga. -- Nineteen elementary, middle and high schools in Cherokee County have been named to Georgia's 2013 SHAPE Honor Roll.

The SHAPE (Student Health and Physical Education) program was created last year to recognize schools that work hard to combat childhood obesity. It challenges students and teachers to make lifestyle improvements in three key areas: nutrition, wellness and physical activity.

Schools can be honored at three levels: gold, silver and bronze. Last year, 16 Cherokee schools were honored.

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This year's Cherokee County SHAPE Honor Roll schools include:

GOTTA SEE VIDEO | Cancer patients perform 'Cups'

GOTTA SEE VIDEO | Cancer patients perform 'Cups'

ACWORTH, Ga. -- Earlier this year, 11Alive profiled Mary Tankersley, a Cobb County girl who had a rare surgery to treat cancer.

Mary had a rotationplasty, where doctors removed the part of her right leg with cancer and reattached the lower portion of the leg, allowing her ankle to be used as a knee.

PHOTOS | Mary Tankersley

Recently, Mary got together with some friends to make a video of them performing "Cups," a song made popular by the movie Pitch Perfect.

Others in the video include Bailey Moody of Johns Creek, as well as young people from Kansas City and Minnesota. All four have had rotationplasty surgery.

The Autism Gap: The fight for insurance

The Autism Gap: The fight for insurance

ATLANTA -- Eight year old Ava Bullard is playing with her sisters, riding their bikes on their long country driveway. It is a simple act that defies those who said she would never talk, those who said she wouldn't function in the real world.

Ava was not a typical baby, or toddler.

Her mother Anna says, "You couldn't interact with her."

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Ava did not play with toys. Did not speak. Could not dress herself. Did not interact with her parents or sisters. Slept two hours a night. She was in her own world.

Anna says, "It's like she looked straight through me. She would just...it's like you weren't there, if you were in the room with her."

Anna Bullard took Ava from doctor to doctor for months. One doctor told the family Ava was 'just weird.'

Atlanta recruiting 5,000 volunteers for cancer study

Atlanta recruiting 5,000 volunteers for cancer study

ATLANTA -- Sixty years ago, 1 million men and women signed up for the first-ever Cancer Prevention Study. They filled out surveys every few years. And the information from those million Americans led to a dramatic discovery.

Doctor Alpa Patel with the American Cancer Society is the lead researcher on CPS3, the third generation of the cancer prevention studies.

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"The first study was actually set up to specifically address the question of whether not smoking caused lung cancer, and it provided the first evidence that in fact smoking is what was the causal fact, causal factor with the increase rise in lung cancer death rates we were seeing in men at that time," she said.

Cobb Alcohol Taskforce unveils new website

Cobb Alcohol Taskforce unveils new website

COBB COUNTY, Ga. -- The Cobb Alcohol Taskforce has overhauled its website, making it more accessible for parents and residents.

The new CobbAT site features tips, resources, campaigns and research on underage binge drinking prevention.

It is all part of the organization's stated goal of expanding its community outreach in 2013.

Take a look at the new site at cobbat.org.

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