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Family sues over fake Facebook page | News

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Family sues over fake Facebook page

ACWORTH, Ga. (WXIA) -- We hear about cyber bullying more and more these days as young people attack each other through social media. A 14-year-old Cobb County girl and her parents are now fighting back.

They've filed a lawsuit against two middle school classmates and their parents over a fake Facebook page.

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Bullying may seem easier these days because it can be done anonymously over the internet. But two Cobb County families now face a lawsuit over alleged bullying by their middle school children.

"My friends were saying, 'why did you say this about me on Facebook; why did you say that?'" said 14-year-old Alexandria Boston of Acworth on CNN Friday morning. She was explaining about how she discovered someone had created a fake Facebook page about her last year - a page with a distorted picture of her and some pretty nasty contents.

"Racially offensive videos from YouTube, sexually descriptive statements, drug references, just all the way down the line," said Roswell attorney Natalie Woodward.

Woodward represents Alex and her parents. She said she took the case after the girl's school said it couldn't do anything about the two classmates bullying her online. The only thing Cobb County Police could say was to contact Facebook about the fake page.

The family says Facebook ignored their pleas to take it down for nearly a year -- until they went on CNN this week. So, the family filed a civil lawsuit against the two classmates and their parents, accusing them of libel and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

"Why didn't Facebook take it down," Woodward asked. "Why didn't the kids take it down? Why didn't the parents take it down? Why didn't the parents reach out to the Boston family?"

Woodward says Alex and her parents sued because there seemed to be no other way to stop the bullying.

"She has been clear from day one that she wants to do all she can to make sure this doesn't happen to another child," Woodward said.

The Boston family is also working with some Georgia lawmakers to change the state's bullying law since it doesn't cover anything that's done away from school.



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