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Why are so many people surrendering their animals? | News

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Why are so many people surrendering their animals?

MARIETTA, Ga. -- The summer can be a busy time at local animal shelters for all the wrong reasons.

In Cobb County, there's a new effort to figure out why so many people have been turning in animals lately.

During the course of one hour on Tuesday morning, 22 animals were turned in to the Cobb County Animal Control Shelter.

Last Tuesday, the numbers were just as alarming.

"We had somewhere around 70 animals turned in just that day," said Tom Flynn, field services manager. "That was followed by well over 40 on Wednesday."

Shelter workers have always asked owners why they're turning in their dogs or cats, but now they're going a step further by giving them a written questionnaire.

The goal is to see if there's a way to intervene to keep the owner and animal together.

"If it's a financial issue of 'we really can't afford to take care of the animal anymore', there are actually pet food pantries and nonprofit organizations," Flynn said. "We can hook people up with those."

It may be harder to help if the owners are moving or facing eviction.

No matter why the animals are surrendered, workers do their best to find new homes with families or rescue groups as quickly as possible.