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The mysterious Macaw of Cobb County: It's missing its human | News

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The mysterious Macaw of Cobb County: It's missing its human

MARIETTA, Ga. -- It's not every day you look up in the trees and see this -- a stunning, brightly colored Macaw.

It is missing its human, waiting for its owner to claim it.

And what a beauty. And what an expensive pet for someone to lose.

"He was quite a ways up in the tree, and was kind of squawking some," said Melanie Mabry.

Mabry and the others who work in HR at Cobb County Schools spotted the Macaw outside their offices on busy Fairground Street in Marietta on Tuesday morning.

Melanie Mabry snapped photos.

The bird was perched way up high, out of reach, seemingly enjoying the all attention the women were giving him from down below.

"And some of the girls had brought out some apples and almonds, trying to get him to come down," Mabry said.

"And he just sat there, you know, of course we were talking to him, he never said anything back," she said with a chuckle.

Cobb County Animal Control Officer Jack Arnold was able to coax the Macaw down and catch him in a net, and brought him to a safe perch inside animal control.

No one could figure out why the owner hadn't come forward as of Tuesday night.

Online, fully grown Macaws are offered for sale at around $1,000 each.

And Melanie Mabry will tell you that the one they saw was a breathtaking sight -- and seemingly so out of place.

"The most brilliant thing about him was his color. He just stood out, up against the green of the trees, beautiful.... You could tell he was domesticated, he was not scared of people. He didn't appreciate being caught in the net.... He was clearly not afraid of the people around him or the traffic, or anything."

If it's yours, call Cobb County Animal Control, or go to the county's Facebook page.
1060 Al Bishop Drive
Marietta, GA 30008

If the owner does not claim the bird within five days -- by this weekend -- Cobb County will offer it to the public for adoption beginning Monday.


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