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Bystander helps police catch robbery suspects | News

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Bystander helps police catch robbery suspects

ACWORTH, Ga. -- A Cobb County man may be up for a commendation after helping police catch two robbery suspects. Police said the man called 911 after witnessing the robbery and followed the suspects.

Steve Larramore told 11Alive News that he simply reacted on instincts when he saw a suspicious person outside the Zaxby's restaurant on Park Forrest Drive.

"He looked so incredibly out of place," Larramore said. "It's 10:30 in the morning and it's probably 80 degrees and he had a hoodie pulled up tight."

Acworth Police said the suspect was dressed in black and wore sunglasses when he jumped an employee who was carrying a bank bag into the restaurant. Larramore said he heard the woman scream.

"She was obviously in distress, yelling for help," he said.

Larramore watched the suspect run into a wooded area behind the restaurant. He was familiar with the area and knew the woods led to a nearby subdivision. That's where he went and while on the 911 call, watched the suspect come out of the woods and jump into a Chrysler Sebring.

"He had the hoodie off and wrapped around the cash bag," he said. "He got within 50 feet of the car and ran to it and jumped in and took off the other way."

Larramore said he followed the getaway car north on Cobb Parkway to a Kohl's parking lot, where police eventually arrived and arrested the driver of the car, 21-year-old James Duvall of Marietta.

Inside the vehicle, police found the bank bag and deposits for Zaxby's and a photo ID of the second suspect, who had bailed out of the car.

Jordan Gail, 23, of Atlanta was eventually arrested on Mars Hill Church Road.

Larramore said it felt good to help catch the suspects.

"That was the whole point, that made my day," he said.

Acworth Police said they don't recommend citizens chase suspects because of the dangerous nature of the robbery, but they thanked Larramore for his help.

"Had it not been for him we would still be several steps back in this investigation," said Capt. Mark Cheatham.

"My daughters live around here," Larramore said. "A
nd I don't want bad people around here, I want them out of here so stuff like that doesn't happen to my family, my daughters."

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