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Acworth community remembers slain girl while father searches for answers | News

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Acworth community remembers slain girl while father searches for answers

COBB COUNTY, Ga.  (WXIA) – The father and grandmother of Abbey Hebert, the teen stabbed to death a week ago – by her teenaged step-cousin, Olivia Smith, according to police – said Friday they can’t understand how Olivia’s love for Abbey suddenly turned to hate, rage and murder.

They spoke with 11Alive News just prior to attending a celebration in Abbey’s honor at her high school, Allatoona High School.

Abbey Hebert, 17, was killed at her home Saturday morning, November 14.  

Police have released few details.  Abbey’s father, Steve Hebert, said he’s heard a couple of different versions of the sequence of events that morning.

“The one clear fact in this case, no matter who you talk to, is that Olivia Smith murdered my daughter,” Hebert said.  “She stabbed my daughter, brutally stabbed my daughter, maliciously.”





Friday night, at the school’s playoff football game, there was a moment of silence for Abbey.  She was the Senior everyone loved.  Throughout the game, students wore t-shirts that bore Abbey’s name and her Softball Team number, Number 2.  They wore LSU colors.  Abbey loved LSU -- her father and his family are from Louisiana.

Steve Hebert and Abbey’s mother divorced 18 years ago.  Abbey Hebert moved to Georgia after her mother remarried. Steve Hebert remained active in Abbey’s life.

And Abbey’s step-father has a brother whose daughter is Olivia Smith.

Steve Hebert, speaking one day after Abbey’s funeral, is realizing that, for the family, this is the beginning of the rest of their lives missing Abbey, from the depths of their souls.


“Most important thing I could ever say is that I always told her that I was proud to be her daddy, every day,” Hebert said, fighting back tears.  “Every morning I would text her.  Every morning.  Just so, when she woke up, she had something from me to tell her good morning, I was proud of her, and I loved her. ”

Hebert and his mother -- Abbey’s grandmother -- Janice Monistere, want to understand.

Abbey was stabbed multiple times with a kitchen knife on the morning of November 14, according to police documents, at the home where Abbey lived with her mother, step-father and little sister.  

Police arrested Olivia, 18, who had spent the night with Abbey and was with her that morning.  The two had been friends since Abbey’s mother married Olivia’s uncle – since the girls were children.

“It didn’t matter that, on November 12, Olivia tweeted Abbey that she loved her.  Abbey tweeted her back that she loved her more than the world,” Hebert said.  “The thing on my plate is on November 14th at around 8:20, that love that Olivia supposedly had for my child turned to hatred and it turned to murder.”

They point to Olivia’s Facebook page.  Her hair is blonde, the same color as Abbey’s hair (Olivia’s hair is brown in her jail booking photo), and she posted dozens of photos of her and Abbey together.

“If you look at her Facebook page, to me, she was obsessed with my child,” Hebert said.  “Everything was about Abbey that she had in her Facebook.”

“When you attack someone and you go for their face,” Monistere said, “you’re trying to destroy their beauty….  And I think she was trying to take Abbey’s beauty away from her, but she could never do that because Abbey was beautiful on the inside and out.”

Monistere said it’s important for people to realize that Abbey didn’t “pass away” as her obituary said.  “She didn’t pass away.  She was brutally murdered by Olivia Smith.”


No one on Olivia’s side of the family responded when 11Alive contacted them for comment.

Steve Hebert and the many members of his family who were in Cobb County for the funeral are getting ready to return to Louisiana.  But they intend to be back for every one of Olivia’s court hearings, as the District Attorney prosecutes the case.  They said they want justice for Abbey, the young woman they describe as cheerful, loving, caring, respectful of others, who wanted to be an oncology nurse.

“Abbey was a sweet, wonderful, beautiful girl,” Monistere said.  “She loved everybody and everybody loved her.  She did not deserve to leave this earth now.... She will never grow up, she’ll never get married, she’ll never have grandchildren.  Olivia Smith murdered Abbey and took her whole life away from her.”

Olivia Smith remains in the Cobb County Jail.