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Teen accused in fatal stabbing: 'God made me do it' | News

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Teen accused in fatal stabbing: 'God made me do it'

COBB COUNTY, Ga. -- An 18-year-old woman accused of stabbing her step-cousin to death in Acworth told neighbors God made her do it, according to court testimony.

Olivia Nicole Smith was in court for a probable hearing on Thursday. She’s accused of stabbing 17-year-old high school Abbey Hebert to death in her front yard on Nov. 14.


Family members were crying as Smith was brought into court, 11Alive’s Valerie Hoff reports. Both young women were close friends and step-cousins. They reportedly had a sleepover after a football game the night before the crime.

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Detective Matt Fuller testified that Smith admitted to stabbing Hebert after smoking a substance and getting into an argument. According to Fuller, the girls were at a party the night before the death.

Investigators described the scene where the attack began. They said the assault started in the kitchen. Witnesses said that they saw two girls run out of the house. They initially thought they were playing, but then said Smith stab Hebert three or four times with a large butcher knife.

After the stabbing, Fuller said Smith rang a neighbor's doorbell and told her what happened.

Fuller said that Smith told detectives that she had a reaction after smoking what she thought was marijuana.

"It was basically when she smoked marijuana, she had smoked it with Abbey one other time and both times she had an overwhelming feeling of God coming to her and maybe we shouldn’t be doing this this and that may have been what started the argument," Fuller testified.

After the hearing, Abbey’s father, Steve Hebert, said that the alleged marijuana doesn’t change things for him. “Olivia is here, Abbey is not,” he said.

The judge ruled there was probable cause that the crime was committed by Smith.

Smith’s attorney has filed a motion for bond, but said he would not pursue it at this time but may ask for bond after he gathers more information about the case.