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Ready. Set. Relax. Obamacare help is everywhere | News

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Ready. Set. Relax. Obamacare help is everywhere

ATLANTA -- First things first. Take a deep breath. Relax. 

Just because the insurance Marketplaces are opening on Tuesday, it doesn't mean you have to do anything on Tuesday. In fact, you've got three months to make take advantage of Obamacare. 
And that's only if it applies to you. 

HELP DESK: Understanding the Affordable Care Act

If you've got insurance elsewhere, simply keep it if you want to. But depending on your income, you might want to at least check out your options. 

For most of us that just means going to your computer 
There are two primary websites to check out that are pretty much going to have everything you need. 

The first is Healthcare.gov. 

That's going to be the Marketplace, or Exchange as it's also called, that we'll be using in Georgia. That's where you will go to apply for coverage, compare the plans, and ultimately enroll. Navigators estimate the process should take half an hour, but that's if there are no glitches or problems with your information. 

"October 1st is going to be phones ringing off the hook," said Navigator Marcus Jordan. "We're going to be bombarded, so it's going to be a work in progress." 

There are some local help resources identified on healthcare.gov, but your best bet may be to check out enrollAmerica.org. 

Their volunteers and staff have been getting prepped for months, and were meeting in Atlanta yesterday to get ready for their next big push to inform consumers. 

EnrollAmerica.org has contact numbers, links, informational PDF's, videos, one-on-one availabilities, everything you need to understand the many nuances of Obamacare. And with the state of Georgia doing nothing to help with the process enrollAmerica.org is a good resource that's getting plenty of feedback. 

"I asked the group (of students) at Kennesaw State to raise their hands if they knew someone who was uninsured," said Dante McKay of EnrollAmerica. "Twenty-five out of thirty did, so people are interested. They're just anxious to see what's going to happen Oct. 1st." 

Ditto for the rest of us. 

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