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Grade School Students Broadcast Morning News

ACWORTH, GA -- School news has come a long way from the intercom annoucements many of us grew up with. 

Every morning while the other students are heading to homeroom, the news teams at Ford Elementary and Durham Middle School are proofing their scripts, reading the prompter, and getting the studios ready for the morning show at their schools.

"I have to be here before 7:30 a.m. because I have to type all the stuff, so I have to go right when I get to school after the bus," said Lauren Nixon, who is the script manager for the show at Ford Elementary School.

"When the bell rings for announcements, we just go on air," said Durham Middle student Jen Andrus.

They go on air and onto the screens of every classroom in their schools. From morning anchors, to camera operators, all the students play roles.

Ford Elementary has even added a weather girl to their news, complete with a sky view.

Twirling Snowflakes, Waltzing Flowers and Visions of Sugarplums . . .

Twirling Snowflakes, Waltzing Flowers and Visions of Sugarplums . . .

POWDER SPRINGS, GA -- For the very first time, Ballet North Performance Company will grace the stage with a production of The Nutcracker on Saturday, Dec. 18 and Sunday, Dec. 19 at the J. Alton Keith Theater at McEachern High School (2400 New Macland Road, Powder Springs, 30127).

Adults and children of all ages will enjoy this unique premiere of young performing artists and dancers from Paulding County, Douglasville, West Cobb and Metro Atlanta.

The Nutcracker, choreographed by Ballet North Performance Company director Christine Auchincloss Fehr, will go beyond the traditional satin pointe shoes and shimmery tutus.

CTC iPad Program to Expand Next Quarter

MARIETTA, GA -- Technology in the classroom isn't new, but the use of the Apple iPad is a relatively innovative program at many colleges.

For a few Chattahoochee Technical College students, the small device is proving invaluable in their educational experience. Now, more students will get that chance as the iPad program expands in January.

"This launch of the iPad is an extension of CTC's continued innovation in technology application in the classroom," said Trina Boetler, vice president of academic affairs. "Originally, [CTC president] Dr. Sanford Chandler asked the Executive Council to come up with innovative ways to utilize technology throughout the college.

North Cobb High Community Pledges to X the TXT

KENNESAW, GA -- Texting is one of the most dangerous distractions facing drivers today, particularly among teenagers -- and car crashes are the number one killer of teens.

On Monday, Nov. 8, students, faculty and staff at North Cobb High School in Kennesaw joined more than 80,000 Americans who have pledged not to text and drive through Allstate's X the TXT campaign.