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Photo Gallery | Muralist Encourages the Love of Reading for Students


Local Muralist Scott McIntyre of Londonberry Mural Press recently spent a week transforming Carmel Elementary School's Media Center into a work of art. Students and faculty were welcomed back from spring break to images of castles, space, historic places and people, dinosaurs, pandas, and much more.  McIntyre was on hand to welcome everyone back to school and to answer any questions students had. Mouths were agape and students were speechless as they took it all in.

McIntyre said it all starts with a book and one of the panels he painted features an open book.  The painted book separates the fiction from non-fiction sections; most of the murals are non-fiction and are in the area corresponding to where the books are also located.  The murals are a visual card catalog if you will.  McIntyre said, "I hope what we created helps instill a love of reading in the students.  It all starts with a book!"

Student Council President Omar Ahmed and Vice President Reagan Gilbert brought many ideas to the planning meetings.  McIntyre said, "Omar and Reagan were great to work with and they really brought so many great ideas with them.  They have really taken their roles on Student Council seriously and Carmel is better for it."  McIntyre was so impressed with the two that he painted their likenesses into the mural.

The mural was a gift to current and future students and staff by the Carmel PTA.  McIntyre previously painted the school's entry hall with a horse theme recognizing both the school's mascot, the Colt, and the original use of the land where Carmel is located.  

McIntyre has painted many murals in Cherokee County schools as well as many businesses, homes, and public spaces.  In 2011, McIntyre spent several weeks in Jordan painting and teaching students the art of mural design. This summer McIntyre has been hired to paint a mural in Puerto Rico as well as many local schools.  McIntyre and his family live in Canton.